Imperfect Alchemy

This is Imperfect Alchemy's official site. Imperfect Alchemy is a touching, heartwarming story of a snarky alchemist named Leaf and her dashingly unconventional friends' quest to save their kingdom with the help of a mysterious tome, 'Imperfect Alchemy.'

Feel free to read and express your opinions, but deliberately insulting or disturbing commenters will be rebuked. In short, if you're bored and need some entertainment, then read Imperfect Alchemy! Go and tell the writers what you think, but if you troll them with cruel and unnecessary comments, you will be punished to the best of the administrators' or moderators' ability.

On a happier note, please enjoy Imperfect Alchemy~!

Warning: Imperfect Alchemy contains cursing, swearing, slight sexual refrences, and is generally thirteen and up. If you can't handle IA, don't read it.

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